The Funraise Ambassador Program is open to nonprofit organizations already using Funraise. We want you to join the Funraise street team and help us share the love. To say thanks we’ll send you a $250 check towards your monthly fees when you refer a new organization. There’s no limit to your referral awards, so share the love enough and you’ll never have to pay a Funraise platform fee.

Become a Ambassador

Are you a nonprofit blog, agency, or general dogooder?
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Ambassador organizations receive their own unique link and embeddable trust badge that can be placed in the footer of your website. When another organization sees your awesomeness, they can click your badge and learn how they can be totally funding awesome too.

For each organization that you refer, we’ll send you a check for $250 towards your monthly fees. There is no limit to the number of organizations you can refer and no limit to how many referral checks you can stack up, because there should not be a limit on love. #FunraiseForLife.

The fine print

What qualifies a 'referred organization'?

Organizations you refer must sign an annual contract and remain active on Funraise for at least 90 days for you to receive the $250. You'll receive a check within 60 days of your friend hitting that 90-day mark with Funraise.

How will you receive your referral award?

Pretty easy. We'll send you a $250 check every time you refer a new organization. Cash monies.

Become an Ambassador