4 Reasons Funraise Isn’t Right for Your Nonprofit

November 22, 2020
6 minutes

Look, we (here at Funraise) think Funraise is great. We wouldn’t do what we do (you know, work for and support Funraise's platform) if we didn’t think Funraise could make a major difference helping nonprofits do more good in less time.

But it’s possible—although not certain—that Funraise isn’t right for every nonprofit. There, we said it.

No matter your size, mission, or problems (whether you've got 99 or 1), we still think you could benefit from Funraise. But if any of the following resonates with your nonprofit, um... we're sorry.

Funraise might not be for you if...

Recurring donors make you gag.

Recurring donations are the lifeblood of nonprofits, so if they make you nauseous, we can't blame you for not wanting the best subscription management platform around.

But if you don’t ask your supporters for recurring monthly donations because you don’t have the technology to set up a recurring giving program, you'll be stuck in the Stone Age of Giving, a time in which every donation has to be individually collected in a land where payment details have nowhere to be saved.

Funraise has solved this problem for you by building a subscription platform that makes receiving monthly donations easy.

...Imagine a world where donors set up their recurring donations with just a few clicks through a donation form on your website.

...Imagine a world where you can create and edit a donor’s subscription yourself directly in your CRM.

...Imagine a world in which a prebuilt, automated email campaign would nudge donors to update their credit cards before they expire, so you don’t have to make even one more awkward phone call. (“Hi, Susan! It’s Jared with Save The Puppies. Did you still want to help us save the puppies? Or do you not like puppies anymore?”)

So, if you don’t already have a kickass recurring gifts program—or if you want to upgrade—get in touch with Funraise sooner rather than later. We can't promise a cure for recurring donor-sickness, though.

Otherwise, see you later!

You're allergic to leveraging the social power of your most dedicated supporters.

Your nonprofit might be the cool kid in the high school cafeteria.

Everyone might know who you are, what you do, and what your nonprofit wants to accomplish.

But you could always benefit from a little more publicity, unless it makes you break out in hives. And if you have some well-loved supporters (and of course your supporters are easy to love), you might benefit from borrowing a little of their star power.

Funraise’s peer-to-peer feature lets you do exactly that—without triggering a sneezing fit.

P2P fundraising, hands down, is one of the best ways to expand your donor base. A supporter donates and then sends their supporter page to a friend, who sends it to an acquaintance, who sends it to a family member, who sends it to a…well, you get it.

Funraise’s customizable supporter pages let your donors tell their friends exactly how much they’re trying to raise in whatever way they want to make their announcement. Include your own branding, your nonprofit's colors, and your own content. Tell your nonprofit’s story the way you want to tell it and watch the donations roll in.

If you’re ready to help your existing donors help you by giving them a peer-to-peer fundraising platform they’ll love to send to all of their friends (and by extension, introduce all of their friends to your nonprofit)—think about Funraise.

Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck on your way off this page and into an ad for allergy meds.

You love spending time pulling reports and crunching numbers.

Maybe you got into the nonprofit world because you love pulling reports and crunching numbers. Maybe you’re less about the world-changing aspect and more about the “analyze last year’s numbers” part.

If you enjoy digging through lists of past donors to figure out who’s worth calling again and don’t find the work tedious or uncomfortable, that’s great—and we need people like you in this world, because, argh, math (even for people who like it.)

But. BUT–

If you know your fundraising data holds valuable insights but don’t want to replace your M.P.A. with a Master’s in statistics, you'll love Funraise’s Fundraising Intelligence feature.

You need to dig into the data and figure out where to allocate your fundraising resources. That’s a given. But that would be loads easier if you had a rad toolkit to create the reports you need with just a few taps. Organize and rearrange data 'til your heart's content. Set recurring reports to go to your board so you can spend more time rolling in the numbers. Take advantage of configurable charts, graphs, and diagrams to see how things are going—and then spring into action.

If you’re okay spending all your time crunching the numbers with old-school calculator power, that’s great and we think we would have been jealous of you back in 10th grade. But if you want the data without spending all of your work hours trying to learn the secret language of data—you might want to try Funraise.

Accepting donations online reminds you of that ex you can't stand.

Maybe every online donation that comes into your nonprofit prompts a vision of ARRRRGH that heckin' person who knows how to push your buttons. And maybe the idea of a donation syncing with your CRM makes you remember the time that everything went so wrong with your ex on vacation.

That’s okay! Some nonprofits prefer keeping all of their donations offline and not having access to all the donor and donation data at their fingertips. Different digital fundraising strokes and all.

But if you’d like to accept donations directly on your website—and by that, we don’t just mean accept donations online via a form on someone else's website, but accept donations on your own website so you can get the SEO benefits, reap the data for your own analytics, and keep all of your donors’ information secure—try Funraise.

Funraise’s donation forms make it ridiculously easy to embed forms on your own website. Customize the forms to match your nonprofit’s branding, allow donors to dedicate donations to a loved one... you can even give people the option to set up a recurring donation with just a click!

But if that sounds more like McDud than McDreamy to you, that’s fine; go back to sleep and maybe Mr. Sandman will bring you a different dream.

Okay, okay; we’ve made our point.

If your attitude about Funraise was “meh, iffy”, we hope we’ve transformed it into “mm, yes-sy!”.

And if you’re not totally convinced—or even if you just want to try a few of our core features before committing to the entire incredible suite of tools Funraise offers—we’d like to point you to Funraise Free, where you can get started for, well, free.

But if you’re ready to make things easier for yourself, your team, and your supporters, Funraise is here to help.

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