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Funraise Team Becky, look at that grant. 

It is so big; it looks like 

it could be on that “Shark Tank” show. 

I mean, that grant, it’s just so big 

I can’t believe it’s just so huge, it’s like out there

If you like big grants and you cannot lie, look no further than Funding Awesome’s High Net Worth Pitch grant, otherwise known as the Infinite Funding grant. It’s a monster, and because it’s so big, we’re gonna break it down for you.

Here’s what it’ll look like when you get the grant:

  1. You identify two most excellent people to represent your org. You gather your most mind blowing pitch materials.
  2. Your org’s representatives are flown to California (all expenses paid). They meet with legit funding experts who’ll help refine your materials and make ’em sparkle.
  3. Next day, these badasses are brought to meet a panel of 10 philanthropists representing over $2 billion. And they pitch their hearts out.
  4. A philanthropist (hopefully) falls in love with your org’s vision, committing to a phat funding relationship.
  5. You perform an epic mic drop.

Here’s some info about the panel: The Infinite Funding panel will represent 10 individuals who are looking to give to organizations this year and make long-term commitments for the future. The philanthropists represented do not have any minimums or maximums for the number of organizations that they’ll support or the amount of money that they’ll give.Which means Cosmo ain’t got nothin’ to do with this selection.

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