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The fund is to help those children, and their families, touched by cancer and other debilitating diseases to cope with what life has to give them. Patients and caregivers can lean on each other and together … There's Hope in What We Do.

Brenda Rider started this cause over 18 years ago and wants to continue the tradition with helping children and their families. This fund will also continue the efforts and recognize the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to honor its volunteers with one of the highest honors – Presidential recognition. The award was established by executive order by then President George W. Bush in 2002 to honor outstanding volunteers that make an impact in our communities.

Today, she has established A Way With Words Fund, with the Spano Foundation, to carry on the tradition of helping children battle childhood cancer and other debilitation diseases as well as to continue to honor, annually, for those recipients of the President’ Volunteer Service Award.

The Spano Foundation will continue the tradition and be the presenting organization for the future of the award and Ms. Rider will be able to continue what she started by giving back to the community.

More info: https://spanofoundation.com/crw_causes/a-way-with-words-fund/


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