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Your gift provides services that empower people with blindness or visual impairment to live rich, vibrant and independent lives. From the youngest children who are unaware they have a problem to the older adults who struggle with their vision loss, BCABVI is a one stop source of information and support right here in Bucks County.

With your help, we can impact our clients' lives and help them see a brighter future.

“I never thought I would need help myself until I lost my vision. During a time where everything feels overwhelming, it really helps to have someone who knows your name and helps you find your way.” - Rita

"If Sawyer had not been screened at his preschool another year could have gone by without us knowing he couldn't see clearly and his frustration in school would have grown. After he got his glasses, we noticed a difference in Sawyer. More importantly, he noticed a difference right away for himself" - Laura (Sawyer's mom)

"Losing my vision scared me. I felt inadequate because I had to rely on other people to do things I used to take for granted. Each new skill I learn helps me build confidence and realize my own potential. I am excited about my future because I know I can still be independent and happy" - Karin

BCABVI is an independent nonprofit organization that receives less than 15% of its funding from any local, state or governmental funding source. We rely on partners like you to help us fulfill our mission and create change for our clients.

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