Poetics as Cosmology 2021 Workshop

Poetics as Cosmology 2021

Now that you've had the experience of spontaneous composition (having done the Poetry Postcard Fest) go to the next level of depth with this method and WRITE MORE. Postcard Fest Co-Founder Paul E Nelson is your guide to the tradition of spontaneous composition.

“Thanks so much for an engaging workshop – what fun! The best thing about it, to my mind, is your affirmative and humor-graced approach to all. You have a genius for getting people connected and encouraging their work…”
— Margaret Lee, Tulsa, OK

"Nelson helps all attendees to explore the possibilities of language, and especially the long poem as an embodiment of instruction in one’s own life. Course materials, discussions, and work-in-progress all contribute to a sense of participation in the mysteries of the creative process made real and “organic,” to use Levertov’s term."
— Susan Kay Anderson, Sutherlin, OR

See more at: https://cascadiapoeticslab.org/2021/08/poetics-as-cosmology-2021/

Registration slots are limited. Past participation in the postcard fest is helpful but not required.

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