Support cougar coexistence this November!


When we all come together, we can do incredible things.

This year the Cougar Conservancy is participating in #GivingTuesday, and we hope you join us this month celebrating the power of giving back.

Created in 2012 as a day to do good, Giving Tuesday has grown into a year-round global generosity movement. From global brands to small businesses, from celebrities to everyday grassroots givers, people will come together in a variety of ways to celebrate generosity, give back, and show kindness during the month of November, and especially on Tuesday, November 28th.

Giving Tuesday is not just about raising funds; it's a day of collective action, when we all come together to make a significant impact.

Your end-of-year gift to the Cougar Conservancy is a vital investment in the future of these remarkable cats. Together, let's help communities #CoexistWithCougars and preserve America's lion for generations to come.

*When you donate $20 or more during the month of November, you will receive a complimentary Cougar Conservancy vanilla-scented car air freshener. U.S. shipping only. *


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