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Tritons is celebrating its 13 th year in 2022!

In those thirteen years, we’ve managed to keep everyone together and on-track… without a pool no less! And the team has grown by over 55% since 2020, no small feat for a COVID-era. It hasn’t been easy: we’ve used the locations we could, taken the times available, we’ve swum in blizzards, and, as Cindy likes to say, we’ve been more flexible than Russian gymnasts to keep our swimmers in the water.

All that to say, the COVID scheduling restrictions and interruptions put into stark focus the fact that we need a consistent location for our athletes. While we have made things work (and have relied heavily on current and former Tritons families!) over the past few years, the time has never been better for us to get to work on the next phase of our growth… a pool of our own!!

This is a dream that we’ve entertained for many years, and now is the time to make it a reality. A new pool would allow us to start a swim lesson program, keep a consistent pool schedule, open the team up to more athletes, compete more significantly at the state and national levels, and really build something that gives every swimmer who wants to join an opportunity to be part of the team. We can schedule morning practices, two-a-day practices, have more space for additional practice groups…. Gone will be the days of last-minute cancellations & pool lock-outs!

We’ve been working with Counsilman Hunsacker and Myrtha Pools to design a pool that will work for our team (a moveable one, in fact!). We are partnering with other aquatics programs in the state, including Water Polo, Diving, Underwater Rugby, Underwater Hockey, and Masters swimming, that can help us build an aquatics facility that anyone and everyone can use! We’ve had Triton representation at Silver State, State, Zones, Sectionals, and even Olympic Trials since our first year of existence in 2009. Imagine what we can accomplish with a pool of our own. The sky's the limit, and we need your help! We are looking to raise $50k in the next 50 days to help support our efforts for a new facility.

One of our very own Triton members has anonymously kicked this off with a $50,000 donation as part of a match! They will donate dollar for dollar up to $50k. That’s $100k closer to getting our own pool.

Check out the below images of our pool and updates!

Pool images and renderings


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