Pride Prom 2022 Tickets


Pride Prom of Ventura is an LGBTIQQA+ oriented prom that aims to promote individuality and acceptance among all orientations and gender identities while celebrating diversity and the strive for equity. All proceeds raised go to sustain the Rainbow Umbrella program and the Community Resource Center.

Oxnard Performing Arts Center
Friday, June 17th 7-10PM
7:00P - 10:00P
Teens ages 13 - 19

Please provide a school I.D. @ the door
Vaccination card or face covering required

Free Tacos + Food
Music provided by @djvthemz_djdanksoli
Drag and musical performances
And more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the chances of the event selling out?
Very high, so make sure to buy your tickets now!

How many people do you expect to show up?

Will the event be inside or outside?
Both! We will be in the Ventura Ballroom and the courtyard outside.

Do I have to wear a mask or face covering?
We are asking folx to either wear a face mask or bring your vaccination card.

Can I volunteer?
Absolutely! Sign up here:

Can I pay cash for my ticket?
Yes, if the event has not sold out, we will be ONLY taking cash on the day of the event

Can I still buy tickets at the event?
Yes, if the event has not sold out, we will ONLY taking cash on the day of the event

What happens if the event sells out?
We we will let folx know when we do sell out.

Is there a dress code?
Come as you are :) If you want to dress up you can but it's not required.

When can we start lining up for the event?

Will there be food provided?
Two free tacos will be provided and we will have snacks and desserts provided for free

Is the event wheelchair accessible?
Yes :)

Is this event open to the public?
Yes, for 13-19 years olds with a school or gov't I.D.

Why was the age limit lowered? I thought It went up to 23.
You are right! We lowered the age limit to 19 to help make sure we can manage the space with that many people. We are asking folx who have aged out to volunteer if interested! Sign up here:


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