Mend Broken Wings: Your Donation Counts!


You can impact the birds in our Sanctuary.

Your generous donation makes our work possible. Thank you for caring! These precious animals have no other options. Please share this page with as many people as possible!


$50 can provide food 🍉

Many people believe that ducks and other waterfowl can survive off of bread and water. They cannot. In order to live the long and peaceful lives they are capable of, they need a balanced and nutritious diet consisting of organic lettuces and greens, worms and grubs, specially formulated feed, and lots of bright red watermelon! With over 300 birds in our care, we go through roughly 1,250 lbs. of feed per week! That doesn't include the lettuce (400 lbs.), worms (50 lbs.) and all the other goodies we spoil them with! Your recurring donation of $50 per month will help us purchase 3 bags of feed, 45 lbs. of lettuce, or a big box of dried worms each month!

$100 can provide shelter 🏡

Our ducks need cozy, weather-resistant shelters to shield them from harsh elements. Your contribution will go towards constructing and maintaining these essential refuges, ensuring our ducks are comfortable year-round. They thrive when they have room to roam. Your donation will also help us expand and maintain their living spaces, providing ample room for them to spread their wings and enjoy their natural behaviors. Natural predators pose a constant threat to our beloved ducks, requiring us to implement robust safety measures, including secure fencing and predator deterrents, to keep our feathered friends safe.
By pledging $100 per month, you become a guardian of our ducks, helping create a sanctuary where they can live without fear and enjoy the peace and tranquility they deserve.

$200 can provide medical care 🚑

Many of the birds we take into our care require emergent, and sometimes long-term medical care, treatments, and medication. We've even provided a custom made prosthesis leg for a duck that lost her foot from an attack by a predator at a local pond! While that was a rare case, we commonly take in abused, sick, infected, and injured birds found dumped at lakes, ponds, alleys, and even dumpsters. The costs are high, and we often have to separate the sick and injured bird for their own protection as well as the safety of the other birds. Your generous $200 recurring donation will help us save the lives of many of the worst cases we see, and ensure those who can have long lives, do!

Whatever the amount, your generous donation makes our work possible, and we are profoundly grateful for your compassion. These precious animals have no other options, and with your support, we can provide them with the shelter and security they need.
Thank you for caring! Your contribution is a lifeline for our sanctuary residents.

Please share this page with as many people as possible to spread the love for these remarkable creatures.


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