Donate to help bring new innovation to life!

Everyone has an idea, and here's our plan to help them move forward!

As we start the new year, our primary goal remains the same: provide the opportunity to pursue an idea to those where opportunity has not previously existed. Here are a few ways we plan to keep working towards this goal:

  • Launch our third Office Hours location to bring our services closer to Flint residents.
  • Facilitate monthly workshop programming to help close entrepreneurial knowledge gaps.
  • Expand 100K Ideas ‘Circle of Friends’ to include industry professionals to help 100K Ideas’ clients move their ideas forward.
  • Expand our 100Kids initiatives to continue encouraging innovation among Flint area youth.

Whether you contribute $5 or $1,000, every dollar received will go to supporting the aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs we work with every day. For your generous support, you will be added to our Esteemed Donors list on our website.

Every day we inch closer and closer to 100,000 ideas and a more abundant future for those we serve.


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