Chris Ganser Climb for a Cure Scholarship Fund


The Chris Ganser Climb for a Cure Scholarship is a unique opportunity for two colorectal cancer survivors and one caregiver to attend Fight CRC’s Climb for a Cure.

The scholarship honors the late Chris Ganser, a colorectal cancer fighter and co-founder of the Climb. In 2012, Chris was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer when he was just 34 years old and in the best shape of his life. Chris quickly got involved in CRC awareness and advocacy through The Colon Club and Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) as a Call-on Congress participant and Grassroots Action Committee member.

In 2016, Chris teamed up with Chad Schrack and Brian Threlkeld to start the first-ever Climb for a Cure in Longs Peak, Colorado. Chris’ idea for the very first Climb was simple: he wanted to prove to no one but himself that cancer did not have control over him. He could still push himself to find new limits to test. The small group of almost 20 climbers -- survivors, caregivers, family, and friends -- started a tradition that became a nationwide event, joined by thousands of participants and donors.

After Chris’ passing in 2018, Fight CRC honored him by establishing the Chris Ganser Climb for a Cure Scholarship. Scholarship recipients receive the following:

  • Free Climb for a Cure registration
  • Paid travel and lodging to the Bay Area, California Climb for a Cure event
  • Recognition at a Climb for a Cure event

Your generosity of any amount is greatly appreciated and supports our path to a cure for colorectal cancer.

Thank you!


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