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Would you help us create a socially inclusive world where no food is wasted, communities are food secure and everyone has access to opportunities to thrive?

Your support is essential to help us alleviate cycles of waste, poverty and isolation for those most vulnerable. Everyday, our Refettorio partners work to rescue nutritious ingredients from landfill and ensure that everyone has access and abundance to healthy fresh food with dignity, love and community. While the pandemic has presented us with challenges, it has also shown the hope and humanity around us to come together and care for each other.

Your donation will directly support our Refettorio Community Fund across 9 countries and 13 projects delivering immediate to those we serve. Even more, your contribution supports our food education and culinary training initiatives to help all of us learn and become conscious consumers and stewards of a healthier food system.

Together, let us show solidarity in the Power of Beauty, Value of Hospitality and Quality of Ideas for a more sustainable inclusive equitable world where no food or person is left behind!

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With Hugs and Love,
Our Food for Soul Team

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