ICAN Site #3: Redondo Beach


ICAN is excited to announce that we have secured a third location in Redondo Beach.

We are in the process of acquiring an existing program called Canyon Verde School. This new location will become ICAN Redondo Beach. They are a well-established program with many clients that we already know from our Social Program. We are thankful that they have entrusted us with their program and that they believe in ICAN’s ability to care for their clients and staff. Taking on the Canyon Verde clients holds a special place in our heart as many of their clients were the first ones Louise and I worked with when we were teens, and it is a culminating moment in our career to be able to bring the ICAN vision and facility values to their program home. In addition, our Torrance location has a significant waiting list, and this new site creates opportunities for South Bay families to join ICAN!

We are asking that you help us raise $100,000 for our end-of-year campaign.

Updates to the facilities, garden, and programming are expected to cost $400,000. We are working with foundations and grant opportunities to secure 75% of the funding. However, we need your help to close the gap!

This 3rd site will host our 5th Day Program and host our new weekday Social Programs.

ICAN’s programs continue to exceed expectations by launching new initiatives and offering more services to the disabled community. Going from having one Day Program in 2020 to now having three locations starting in January 2023, doesn’t happen without the help of our entire community. We ask that you join us in helping make these exciting updates to our third site: ICAN Redondo Beach.

Your Fan,
Scott Elliott


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