2022 National Tournament Sponsorship Campaign

You can impact the lives of people in our community.

Your support for our association has strengthened our shuffleboard community and assisted us with creating more opportunities for you to play this addicting sport.

In preparation for this National Tournament, we are reaching out to our community for further support in being the best hosts we can be, but first we'd like to take a moment to send HUGE thank yous.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our ILSA launch in becoming founding members, assisting in establishing our financial future with donations, competing in our singles leagues, and signing up for the first annual ILSA-hosted National Tournament.
We are so grateful for The Royal Palms Chicago's support in offering their entire place of business for two, coveted weekend days. What you all may not yet know is that the national tournament schedule has for many years offered tournaments during weekdays only. It is a main goal of our association to increase the access of the sport in many ways, one of the main ways is by hosting the first ever weekend tournament. We are already seeing an impact from our community on this sport because two new proposed weekend tournament dates (non ILSA-hosted) have been added to the National 2023 calendar.

We also have some amazing individuals assisting us in gaining funds to provide a tournament with engaging activities and hospitality for all players and spectators to enjoy this event. Chuck Polette, a former BATS player, will be donating Saturday's breakfast as well as t-shirts to be sold at the tournament by acquiring a sponsorship from Bacardi. Max Julius from Nothing But Pepp has given an especially generous donation with some liberties as to how we disperse this.

We have many other requests out there to partner with local businesses as well, but we are hopeful that some more members are interested in assisting with gaining sponsorships or being donors to our association.

Please take this moment to make a gift to The Illinois Shuffleboard Association.

There is still time to make a donation now and help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 by August 1st, 2022.

If you can’t personally make a gift, offering your time as a volunteer for a shift on one or both of the tournament days, or reaching out to a business that you believe would like to sponsor us are great ways to help. You can email us directly with any questions that potential sponsors may have.

Your board has been working round-the-clock to connect with other state's associations, learn the ins-and-outs of hosting tournaments, and creating plans for future shuffleboard activities beyond this tournament as well. We really need your help to make this tournament a success.

Can you help us meet our fundraising goal with a gift before the first annual ILSA-hosted National Shuffleboard Tournament?

Your gift—of any amount—is vital to continuing our mission of promoting interest and play in the game of shuffleboard across our state and beyond.

With gratitude,
The Illinois Shuffleboard Association


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