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You can impact the lives of youth and families in our community.

Jobseekers Network Mission is to strengthen communities by equipping youth and families with tools and resources through direct services that will prevent, reduce or eliminate at risk behaviors that lead to mental health issues, generational cycles of poverty, and incarceration.

Jobseekers Network Youth & Family Development Program provides a three tier direct service process that focuses on mental health, life skills, and career development. The first tier, CreatiVision Program, provides social emotional development by helping youth and families address at-risk behaviors such as suicide, mental, physical, sexual, and drug/alcohol abuse, gun violence, and bullying.

The second tier, The Playground, is an after school/weekend day camp. to learn life skills and family reunification. The activities include building family leadership and roles, and teamwork in non athletic sports such as archery, boxing, martial arts, and learning how to make healthy nutrional choices by cooking meals and eating together as a family.

The third tier, Path Career Development, provides career based guidance for employable age youth and families to gain valuable career education that includes job shadowing, career mentoring, and internships with local employers Youth will get to see the work environment where their true gifts and talents can shine before they graduate high school. This will help them decide on what high school courses to take such as CPP, honors, CTC and help them formulate a plan to attend college, trade school, military or obtain a job after graduation.

Your monthly contribution will provide funding for valuable resources such as equipment, curriculum, snacks, transportation costs, and operating expenses for office space, utilities, and insurance. Your generous donation makes our work possible. Thank you for supporting our programs. Please share this page with as many people as possible!

Thank You,
Bryan Moore
Jobseekers Network


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