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National Lasagna Day Campaign: Support Our Mission with Your Donation

Join Us in Celebrating National Lasagna Day on July 29th!
At Lasagna Love, we believe in the power of a home-cooked meal to bring comfort, warmth, and connection to families in need. This year, we are thrilled to celebrate National Lasagna Day (NLD) on July 29th with our most ambitious campaign! Our goal is to deliver 10,000 lasagnas, sign up 100 new Club Ricotta monthly donor members, and raise $100,000 during the month of July!

Why Your Donation Matters
National Lasagna Day is more than just a celebration of a beloved dish—it's a day dedicated to spreading kindness and community spirit. Each lasagna we deliver represents a gesture of love and support, reminding families that they are not alone during challenging times. Your donation will directly help us reach our goal and ensure that we can continue to provide this meaningful support.

How Your Donation Helps

Supports Our Volunteers: Donations help us support our amazing volunteers by providing them with the resources and tools they need to make and deliver lasagnas.
Expands Our Outreach: Your contribution allows us to reach more families in need, extending our impact and spreading kindness even further.
Sustains Our Mission: By donating, you help sustain our operations, ensuring that we can continue to provide lasagnas year-round to those who need them most.

Our Impact
With your support, our goal is to deliver 10,000 lasagnas this National Lasagna Day. Each lasagna delivered not only provides a nutritious meal but also brings joy and relief to families facing difficult times. Your generosity helps us make this possible.

A Heartfelt Thank You
We extend our sincerest gratitude to all our donors and supporters who make our mission possible. Your dedication and generosity enable us to bring kindness and support to so many families. Together, we can achieve our goals and make this National Lasagna Day the most impactful yet.

Donate Today!
Join us in making a difference, one lasagna at a time. Visit our donation page to contribute to our National Lasagna Day campaign. Every donation counts, and with your help, we can reach our targets and touch the lives of thousands of families.
Thank you for being a part of our Lasagna Love family. We can't wait to celebrate with you on July 29th!

In Lasagna Love,
Andria Larson and the entire Lasagna Love family


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