Let's Work for Good!

Your gift will help combat the 82% underemployment rate in the disabled community.

The vision of Let's Work For Good is to create world where any adult interested in working can find a career they enjoy; earn fair, competitive wages; and maximize their independence. With your help, we envision a society where businesses appreciate all abilities, value a neurodiverse workforce, and provide necessary supports. To decrease the opportunity gap for people with disabilities, our mission is to create a sustainable, inclusive, and safe work environment and to hire and train as many neurodiverse workers as possible.

Popcorn for the People understands our employees’ varied needs, provides necessary supports and accommodations to maximize independence, and focuses on individual interests to match employees into each role. Neurodiverse employees are involved in every level of the business including cooking, packaging, labeling and marketing popcorn, as well as inventory, distribution, and data entry. The result is a supportive environment where people of all abilities can feel safe, valued, and productive.

Although our tangible output may be gourmet popcorn, program success is really the individual accomplishments and growth of our neurodiverse employees. Instead of driving business to increase profitability, our goal is to grow the business as a means of increasing employment opportunities. Our focus is the employees and allocating resources to provide necessary training and supports so people who would otherwise face unemployment can maximize their independence in an inclusive workspace.
All donations and popcorn proceeds directly support our neurodiverse workforce, either directly paying salaries or being reinvested into production capacity.


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