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Developing healthy and humble worship pastors and leaders

Promoting a biblical heart of worship in the local church

Why is this important?
One in every three worship pastors is currently experiencing symptoms of burnout, and some have left the church never to return. Worship pastors/leaders are on the front line every week as they minister in their churches. That makes us a target of the enemy. Depression, anxiety, fear, and insecurity are all pressing concerns in the lives of these vital leaders.
Our purpose is to come alongside and encourage, exhort, equip them with Christ-centered leadership and support.

What We Do?

We host gatherings in multiple cities each month designed to equip and empower local worship leaders with the practical tools and encouragement they need to lead effectively in their communities.
One-on-One mentorship is made available to each worship leader as we seek to not only experience growth in our leadership, but also maturity in our walk with Jesus. Having accountability and a safe place to process certain struggles is vital to the health of these worship leaders’ ministries and marriages.
Annual retreats are offered to Likewise Collective worship leaders. Our annual Likewise Worship Leader Retreat is a 3-day getaway tailored to the worship leader’s need for restoration, renewal, and encouragement. The annual Likewise Marriage Retreat is an opportunity for worship leaders and their spouses to have their marriages strengthened as they are paired with and encouraged by our Likewise Mentor Couples during this time together.

With my 20+ years in Worship ministry, I'm excited to help worship leaders grow personally, relationally, and spiritually to better serve their churches in the Minneapolis area.

How you can partner?
Consider a one-time or monthly investment to Likewise today. Your generosity will help us accomplish all of this as we partner with worship pastors and leaders in the Twin Cities area.
THANK YOU - TERRY FOSS - Pastor and Area Director


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