Little City’s Day of Giving

Celebrate 63 years of changing lives! Donate today and your gift will be MATCHED!

For 63 years, friends and families just like you have made this vibrant community a place for individuals with disabilities to grow, learn, and thrive throughout their lifetimes.  

Join us now and on our Day of Giving (October 1) to celebrate this life-changing mission – providing the best options and opportunities for hundreds of individuals every day to far exceed their unique potential and go beyond their limits! 

**PLUS – thanks to the generosity of Little City’s Board of Directors – every dollar you give in support of our Day of Giving (our 63rd Anniversary) will be MATCHED, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000. So, please give generously today to continue providing this life-changing scope of services to TWICE as many individuals with disabilities. **

Thank you for giving generously and helping many individuals with disabilities achieve so much in year #64! 


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