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Your impact can help treat the pets at Ms. V's Fur Babies. Your donation can also save their sweet lives.

Scarlett's Fund was named after this sweet Pomeranian picture above. Scarlett has been with Ms. V's Fur Babies Pet Boarding since January 20, 2023. Since then, she and the smaller pets had gotten along very well. She attended Ms. V's Fur Babies Pet Boarding's event at Chicken N Pickle. Everyone she encountered thought she was a precious and well-mannered pup as well as SUPER CUTE! Needless to say, Ms. V. fell in love with her.

Scarlett had been with me for almost six months. She and her family were waiting to reunite. Unfortunately, Scarlett became extremely ill very quickly. She was taken to the animal hospital; however, due to the lack of funds available, she could not be diagnosed. Since mom and her son had recently moved into their new apartment, mom asked Ms. V. to bring Scarlett home. Although they had reunited, it was bittersweet. Mom sent a message to Ms. V. letting her know that Scarlett had passed away overnight. Mom also thanked Ms. V. for taking care of her sweet fur baby. Ms. V. was devastated because the organization did not have the financial means to get a proper diagnosis.

Ms. V. is attempting to raise money in honor of Scarlett. so that other pets at Ms. V's Fur Babies Pet Board can be properly treated and diagnosed, which will help the owner make a sound decision about their pets.

Please help by donating. No amount is too small.

Thank you.


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