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As a member of our GEM (Giving Every Month) Club, your monthly donation will continue to sustain all of Mychal's Learning Place programs and services for years to come. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our community by providing a safe and loving environment that encourages life skills, provides job training and builds self-esteem. Your support will help to ensure that our students have a place to be seen, heard and challenged to succeed.

All of the levels of membership provide necessary tools for students to pursue and reach their goals and dreams.

  • $10/month - Could provide paint and brushes for 2 students to develop their creative skills and follow their passion for art
  • $25/month - Could train 5 students on public transportation and community safety so that they can get to and from wherever they need
  • $50/month - Could help 8 students develop their laundry and other life skills
  • $100/month - Could develop and complete 2 cooking classes for our adult day program of nearly 20 students per class
  • $250/month - Could provide a 10-week session of Saturday Enrichment Class for 2 students to continue to develop their independent living skills
  • $500/month - Could ensure 3 vans have gas and maintenance for taken care of so that students can have transportation to job training sites, field trips and more.

Thank you for committing to ensuring the success and continuation of Mychal's Learning Place, a monthly gift of any amount will leave a lasting impact on the lives and activities of Mychal's students.

Welcome to the GEM Club!

Special Thanks to Our Current GEM Members

Susan Abdelshife
Sally Alder
Darren Alfonso
Karen Angeli
Jonathan Arroyo
Tammie Austin
Jannit Barakat
JoAnn Bardwil
Stephanie Baxter
Laurence Bender
Michael Blumfield
Mavis Bruder
Mari Brusseau
Neil Cadman
Lynn Campbell
Tami Chapman
Eric Cohen
Gloria Cohen
Ashley Cook
Suzanne Curtin
Lisa Daggett-Cummings
Darlene Daniels
Tannia Dilfer
Monica Doyle
Gilda Dyckman
Sheila Ennis
Vanessa Feidler
Erin Feldman
Patrick Frasier
Scott Frasier
Paul Gagliardi
Denise Gallagher
Nancy & Alan Gittelson
Benjamin Gonzalez
Lenn Grabiner
Debra Graham
Kelli Griffin
Tracy Griffin
Elvira Herlihy
Autumn Hermany
Valerie Hernandez
Clausine Honda
Lauren Hopkins
Traci Horowitz
James Hudson
Caroline Hunter
Paige Jalomo
Johanna Johnson-Gilman
Monaka Kalinich
Kelly & Jack Kapich
Suzanne Karger
Betty Keel
Geoffrey Kelsch
Deni Kennedy
Teresa Lang
Ellen Lauricella
Cindy Ledermann
Christopher Lento
Anthony Lopilato
Sue Lotridge
Ed & Carol Lynch
Joe Marcy
Mickey Marraffino-Johnson
Ruth Martin del Campo
Almarietha & Larry Mathews
Mark & Cindy Matsumoto
Shannon McCarville
Karen McGuire
Betsi McIntosh
Amy McIntosh
Barbara McLaughlin
Donald McVicar
Sheila Miller-Nelson
Thomas Mitchell
Aziel Morales
Ed Myska
Betty Nalvarte
Josie Nouh
John Nugent
Vicente Osorio
Tina Patel
Jami Pearson
Lisa Perlot
Dolores Peterson
Nicole Preher
Gary Premeaux
Jeffrey Reesing
Dana Richards
Tracy Riddle
Denise Robinson
Jacob Rome
Deborah Rothman
Bob McDaniel & Suzanne Sharer
Linda Sklar
Leticia Stassi
Jennifer Steele
Julie Stolnack
Dorothy Tarvin
Tom Toomey
Juanita Torres
Jillian Turkmany
J.J. Turkmany
Fernando Valdez
Shauna Valenzuela
Casey Versfelt
Maria Villa Garcia
Nancy Vrankovic
Stephanie Wisdom-Baxter
Donnelle Weaver
Caren Weiner
Seth Wensel
Melanie Yarak
Natalie Zigal
Hannah Zimmerman
Kelly Zimmerman


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