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Give Hope Today. Make a Year-End Gift to NAMIGH.

As a mental health advocate, I am grateful that you are interested in advancing the wellness of people in our community. As we wrap up 2021, I encourage you to consider NAMI Greater Houston in your year-end giving. 

NAMI Greater Houston, now in our thirty-third year, continues to provide a wide array of educational and social services to help individuals with mental illnesses, their families, and their friends in Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. We are a year-round provider, connector and friend to people living with mental illnesses.  We help them manage their day-to-day struggles, their fears and anxiety in crisis situations, and many times become their lifeline—their primary point of hope. 

We Need Your Help. When Covid emerged, and even as it continues, NAMI Greater Houston experienced a significant increase in the number of people requesting support and resources to maintain their mental wellbeing. We have worked hard to give people the tools they need to stay as healthy as possible in order to keep them from entering or cycling in and out of already burdened hospitals and clinics.

We recognized that among those seeking help from us were individuals from frontline industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, fire safety and EMS as well as transportation, restaurant and food service, grocery stores, childcare and others who protected, served and cared for us through the pandemic—and still do. They are taxed like never before and suffer with PTSD, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and stress. 

Now, after nearly two years serving people in our region, NAMI Greater Houston’s resources are strained, and the finances of many individuals and families we serve are also tight; however, we don’t turn away anyone in need.

Hundreds of people weekly, regardless of their age, background, affiliation or economic status, access and utilize our Warmline and programs including our support/recovery groups, education classes, advocacy resources, and referral services at NO COST.
We also partner with the community to deliver trainings, presentations, and awareness events wherever there is a need.

Please consider a year-end gift of any amount.  Every dollar raised is directly invested in people living in OUR local communities. All contributions are tax-deductible, and if received before midnight on Dec. 31, are deductible this calendar year.  

*NAMI Greater Houston accepts credit cards, checks, stock transfers, and real estate.  Remember to double your donation to NAMI Greater Houston through your employer’s matching gift program. *To support NAMI Greater Houston, click DONATE above or send a check by mail to: NAMI Greater Houston, 9401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1234, Houston, TX 77074. 

Should you need help with your donation, please contact me by phone at (713) 970-4419 or by email at Thank you in advance for your support!  


Angelina Brown Hudson, MPA 
Interim Executive Director


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