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NAFI Needs Your Support

Please give now to the National Association of Flight Instructors Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the lifeblood of the organization. Your gift will ensure continued access to NAFI’s educational programs and advocacy work on behalf of flight instructors across the country. 

NAFI is about YOU: the professional flight instructor.

What flight instructors do has both an immediate and lasting effect on aviation safety and continued growth of our industry. Instruction is so much more than teaching skills.

Instructors are responsible for setting a good example, teaching responsibility, managing risk and safety, and supporting continuous improvement. A good instructor also understands that learning to fly offers deep emotional satisfaction. Who can forget the excitement of first taking the flight controls?

Flight instruction is a big job. That’s why NAFI has supported this vitally important part of the aviation community since 1967. NAFI seeks to mentor, educate, and advocate for those in our profession by offering the tools and programs you need to give the very best to your clients.

Philanthropic support impacts NAFI's ability to promote, mentor, educate, and fortify this vision. Thank you for making a gift today.


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