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A Garden of Hope and Healing.

The Las Vegas Community Healing Garden in downtown Las Vegas was built after the tragic events of Oct 1, 2017. In just three days, a vacant parcel owned by the City of Las Vegas was transformed by community members and local businesses into a restful and serene garden. It features a remembrance wall, a grove of 58 trees lining a paved path, shrubs and flowers, all encircling a beautiful oak tree - “the tree of life” donated by Siegfried and Roy. Painted rocks, flowers, pictures, and other mementos placed by community members offering their condolences, prayers, and remembrance of loved ones can be found at the trees and all around the garden.

Your support will help maintain the plants, flowers, trees, and other amenities in the garden, including the memorial waterfall feature, and will help ensure the serenity of this beautiful garden will last for following generations.


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