Shield & Diamond Magazine


First published in 1890 by Robert Adger Smythe, the Shield & Diamond is Pi Kappa Alpha's quarterly magazine for PIKE members, volunteers and supporters.

The Shield & Diamond is available in both print and online editions, with a full digital archive available at the myPIKE homepage.

Print issues are provided to Fraternity and Foundation volunteers, individuals with lifetime
donations in excess of $1,000 and individuals who make an annual gift of at least $100 to the PIKE Foundation.

Unrestricted donations help provide the Margin of Excellence to the Fraternity's Leadership
programming. PIKE Loyal Order gifts support PIKE University events, scholarships and grants for undergraduate members and chapters, maintenance of the Memorial Headquarters and the Gold Star Memorial, in addition to the Harvey T. Newell Library and Freeman H. Hart Museum. Various other special projects and initiatives are funded as deemed vital by the Foundation Board of Trustees.


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