R2R is focused on changing the culture of consumption by educating our community on ways to consume consciously. As a 501(c)(3) we are able to accomplish this in many ways. R2R supports brands that make a difference in protecting the earth and all those that inhabit it! We provide our community with products, solutions, and knowledge that are totally sustainable and ethical. We offer collaboration, communication, and community education on our current linear production system. Through these changes, we believe we can eventually transform the current culture of consumption into a closed loop, circular economy. 

We have a long term goal as a non-profit to create off the grid, closed loop communities that will serve as a circular model for others around them. This is an evolving mission as we discover new and innovative solutions. Our founder, Ashleigh Morgan, often discusses the idea that everything can be something and a solution is always out there.

Staying connected and fully transparent is crucial in fostering conscious consumption. Please don't hesitate to reach out through our contact page with any questions. 

We want to stress that every portion of your dollar counts here at Recycle2Riches. Our marketing team is working on sponsorship levels and we now have a pie chart to show you what percentage of your dollar is going where. The sponsorship levels will be published by quarter four this year (2021).

For now, thank you for any donations or support from all of us at R2R and stay connected.


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