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The Roxbury Public library has and continues to intentionally evolve to meet the needs of Roxbury Township. Following the structure of our previous 3-year strategic plan, we've: 

  • Expanded digital content, 
  • Expanded access to technology and career-focused instruction, 
  • Initiated unique services like the Library of Things and the Passport Services which also brings in additional revenue, 
  • Partnered with local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Roxbury Rotary Club, Roxbury Coalition for Social Change, Skylands Songwriters Guild, Roxbury Historical Society, Roxbury Historic Trust
  • Plan, produce and disseminate hundreds of programs for children and adults on every topic under the sun

The library's ability to meet the needs of Roxbury is constrained by the limitations of a facility that has not seen an expansion in 30 years. Space is needed to house expanded collections, to accommodate demand for library programs, and meet the space needs of the community. The library is ideally positioned to provide public space. It favors no political or religious beliefs. It welcomes all cultures, races, genders, incomes, ages, abilities, and identities...and access is always free. 

The library expansion project will: 

  • Allow for small groups and individuals to utilize technology fused private study space for tutoring, group work, job interviews, distance learning, telehealth appointments, etc 
  • Enlarge the children's room and create a dedicated children's program space inside the children's wing, where kids can safely roam with parents nearby
  • Allow for larger capacity early children's literacy programs, educational lectures, and hands-on workshops. The community room's maximum occupancy will be 400 people.  
  • Allow for multiple engaging programs and meetings to occur simultaneously
  • Allow for regular computer lab instruction, especially for senior citizens who are most vulnerable to online scams
  • Allow for far greater access to community groups to utilize space for meetings and activities.
  • Create numerous options for individual and group seating with access to outlets
  • Create additional gallery space for local artists to showcase their work

How will Roxbury Township benefit?

  • Roxbury will finally have a community center that's open and available for all 7 days a week. Civic life will have a space to call its own. 
  • Roxbury's students will find ample options for quiet study and group work with the numerous seating options we'll have, all with electrical port access and high speed data.
  • Roxbury's professionals can escape crowded homes and distracting offices to work, conduct meetings both in person and via zoom.
  • An inspiring public library, much like high performing schools, parks & other public amenities, attracts people to the township. 
  • Roxbury will have an expanded space and resources with access to computers, high-speed internet and wifi, helping to bridge the digital divide.

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