100K to 100K Campaign


100K to 100K

What is 100K to 100K? Great question!  In this case, it’s the fundraising launch event for Santa Ana Endurance Academy, a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop resilient young urban leaders in Santa Ana through endurance sports and fitness training. The three founders of Santa Ana Endurance Academy, Alfredo, Andy, and Brian will be running 100 Kilometers around the City of Santa Ana in an effort to raise a total of $100,000 for the Endurance Academy.

100 kilometers is 62 miles! Yeah, it’s like running 2.37 marathons.  We will set out early morning on Saturday, May 15th, and finish that same day in the evening. What better way to show their commitment to endurance in the City of Santa Ana then to run 62 miles around the city in a single day!

Running 100 kilometers in one day is not easy! Raising $100,000 for Santa Ana Endurance Academy is not easy! Launching a non-profit to develop young urban leaders is not easy! But that’s the point! It requires grit, resilience, dedication, sacrifice, and endurance. And it requires partners and supporters like you!

We would like to invite you to come along side us and join us in the 100K to 100K. We do want to literally invite you to run along side us for any portion of the 100-kilometer run. We’ll be posting the route and approximate time targets so that people can join us along the way at any point. And let’s not forget the $100K component of the event! We invite you to consider sponsoring the event. It’s $1 per meter so we welcome all donations. Make history by being some of the first financial partners with Santa Ana Endurance Academy

100% of funds raised for the 100K to 100K will go directly towards programs for youth and adults in the Santa Ana community. Help us develop resilient young urban leaders in Santa Ana!


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