$10.24 Monthly Donor Community

By joining the "Backup" Donor Group, you become part of a special community that helps cover the administrative costs of running our foundation. This means that your generous monthly donation directly supports essential operational expenses, such as website costs, mailers, and staff salaries. By doing so, you enable us to allocate every dollar donated through other means directly to our initiatives and projects.

Your commitment of $10.24 per month might seem modest on its own, but when combined with the contributions of fellow "Backup" donors, it becomes a powerful force for change. Together, we can ensure that our foundation operates efficiently and effectively, allowing us to channel the majority of our resources toward making a positive impact on the causes we care about.


  • *Why $11? *After the cost of credit card processing, our credit card processor only allows us whole dollar amounts and oddly enough the remainder is exactly $10.24.
  • *What happens if this group donates more than the administrative costs? *Once this group is large enough to support the administrative costs, any additional donations will go direct to programs.
  • *Who can I reach out to with questions? *Executive Director, Ryan Sheehan - 918-559-4100, call or text or RSheehan@Stand1st.org.

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