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Welcome to The Nehemiah Project Support Team!

We are so thankful your heart for restoration is partnering with us as we renovate, launch and serve a new retreat center in North Carolina, called The Reserve. Just like Nehemiah of the Old Testament, we can’t build without your support and partnership.

Adam and Abbe Doll will be working full time on renovation through the donations made to The Nehemiah Project. Your partnership will provide beautiful spaces for the hurting while they seek restoration, give pastors and leaders a place to refresh, allow ministries to gather and families to reconnect. The Nehemiah project will cover the first 2 years of construction and renovation labor until the Dolls transition into full time retreat hosts and event managers. The building phase requires a reliable “work crew.” Our crew will be comprised of every one of YOU who partners with us through your faithful prayer and financial support._ THANK YOU._

Your gifts will be tax deductible, as they are processed through The Exchange Collaborative’s 501c3.

May God truly multiply your gift, the work of our hands as we work together to create a sacred land of rest and revival. CLICK HERE TO GIVE A ONE TIME OR MONTHLY GIFT. (please note on this site you can cover the processing fees so The Nehemiah Project gets 100% of your support. You may click “edit” on your check out screen to remove the fee inclusion.)

Give Through Check or Auto-draft.
If you would prefer to partner with us through a check or auto draft, please notify us at, or
call/text Adam at 316-209-7577 or Abbe at 316-619-9938

Send Checks to:
The Exchange Collaborative (Attn Nehemiah Project) 1596 Yelton Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27127
Thank you for joining our team. We can’t do this work without you!
We can’t wait to get to work on this beautiful estate, transforming it into The Reserve!

-Adam and Abbe Doll
(to learn more about the project, click here)


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