Amplifying the Creative Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth


We believe that the self expression of queer and trans youth is a declaration of a better future for us all, and we are dedicated to broadcasting their thoughts, ideas, art, and insights to the world.

The Future Perfect Project is a national arts initiative designed to support LGBTQ+ youth in becoming the voice of tomorrow. Founded by Celeste Lecesne (co-founder of The Trevor Project) and Ryan Amador (singer/songwriter), FPP began in 2017 by traveling the country and offering true storytelling and songwriting workshops to teens in high schools and LGBTQIA+ Youth Centers. What they witnessed was a paradigm shift in the minds and hearts of young people - unlike previous generations, this current generation of queer youth is not interested in fitting into a world in danger of collapsing and disappearing altogether. They want something that’s never been. The kind of change they’re calling for requires us all to take a breathtaking leap into the who-knows-what of human consciousness. We believe that if the public was familiar with the young hearts of queer young people, they would love them, embrace them and recognize them as ambassadors of a more perfect future.

With this in mind, we offer online & in-person creative writing, music, and media production workshops that center queerness and empower young people to express their vision of a better future for us all.

Every donation helps to carry out their vision, and build a better world, one where every young person is safe, seen and celebrated in their homes and communities.

📬 _Prefer to send a check donation? _We can accept check donations via mail!

Please send a check made out to "The Future Perfect Project"
to the following address:

The Future Perfect Project
P.O. Box 176
Stone Ridge
NY, 12484

In addition to your return mailing address and your contribution, inside the letter please include an email address so that we may share an official donation receipt for tax purposes.


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