Donate to Our Bake Sale Benefitting Lahaina Youth


Help impact the lives of young people in the Lahaina burn zone. In Aug. 2023, Maui experienced one of the worst wildfires in Hawaiian history.

The How Kids Learn Foundation is sponsoring a bake sale to benefit the Maui Family YMCA and provide afterschool activities for Lahaina youth.

The bake sale will be held on Sat. March 23, 2024 at the Fares Prophetic Church in Oakland, California. For those supporters who are unable to attend our bake sale in person, you may donate virtually by clicking on the Donate button.

A message from Ronnie Gravino, President of the Board of Directors, How Kids Learn Foundation (HKL)

When catastrophic events happen I often ask, “What can I do to help?” Like me, others want to “do” as much as “give”.

I have been the HKL Board President for 5 years. For 8 years my husband and I have enjoyed a second home on the Kona Coast of the big island Hawaii. We were there when the wildfires raced through historic Lahaina and the island of Maui. Heartbroken, we were so impressed by the immediate response of local businesses and their non-profit partners—TRUE OHANA!

AT HKL, we realized Maui students and their families had lost the afterschool opportunities that provide benefit to them.

What could I do? A Bake Sale!
I love to bake. Half my career involved baked goods and food. My friends, family, and network are also wonderful bakers. HKL is devoted to students and their enrichment. Funds from a bake sale would so helpful.

We will be in the Temescal neighborhood on March 23rd. I hope my story touches you as this catastrophe motivated me. Come, meet us and enjoy our baked good for this very worthy cause!


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