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At ISF, we go above and beyond to reach and support families affected by rare cancers that have minimal or no funding — resulting in devastating survival rates between 0% and 50%. From treatments to trials to family support, we give greater in everything we do. When you give to ISF you give greater reach, outcomes and futures.

March 9, 2024 marks Isabella Santos' 19th birthday. While she ultimately succumbed to neuroblastoma at just seven years old, Isabella’s legacy lives on and has led to an immense amount of support to transform outcomes for other warriors like her.

Her story is a unique look at how we, at the Isabella Santos Foundation and as a community, can continue to fight even when one battle is lost. By uniting to fight rare pediatric cancer, we acknowledge the importance of standing together in the face of adversity, no matter how uncommon the challenges may seem.

Your generous donation makes our work possible. Sharing our mission with your network helps us generate awareness worldwide.

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