More Than A Meal: Capital Campaign


More Than a Meal Project

The Joy Bus seeks to grow its meal/visit program to serve more patients, with an ultimate goal of 2,500 home visits per week by 2026. To do so, The Joy Bus Diner must dramatically expand its kitchen, pantry and dining capacity. This will require a new facility built to our specific needs. We have secured an existing 4,000 square foot site which, with remodeling and equipment upgrades, will serve our purpose.

New Diner

This new diner will also include space to create:

  • An organic food pantry available free of charge to all cancer patients in Maricopa County, paired with a meal planning service.
  • A culinary program providing training, certification, and job placement to young adults who have been personally affected by cancer and are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.
  • A teaching kitchen for cancer patients and their caretakers, medical students, and others interested in the preparation of nutritious food, especially as it relates to cancer and general physical health.

The Joy Bus board has launched the $5.4 million More Than a Meal Campaign, with a cabinet of strong community leaders chaired by Peter and Rebecca Ailes- Fine, and Derrick and Amy Hall. It will be funded by foundations, businesses and individuals who know and appreciate, many personally, the challenges faced by homebound cancer patients and their caregivers.


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