100th Anniversary Pickleball Tournament


Calling all pickleballers!

Join us for United Way’s first-ever pickleball spectacular! We’re celebrating 100 years of service Central Maryland, and we want to see YOU on the courts. 🎾

Come dink, drive, and drop in to discover what makes United Way’s work in our community so important in the lives of people throughout the region. We’re excited to celebrate a century of service and partnership with Central Maryland, and we’re inviting longtime friends and new faces to come together, play pickleball, and support our work in the community. 

United Way is all about bringing people together, so break out your paddles, practice your dinking, and come out in support of United Way.

Date: June 1, 2024
Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Venue: Dill Dinkers Columbia
9179 Red Branch Rd, Columbia, MD 21045

This tournament is a charity event, and all proceeds will go to United Way of Central Maryland.

What will the format of this tournament be?

  • Play will consist of a Round-Robin style format. This means there will be no early eliminations rather everyone will play a set number of games.

How many games are guaranteed?

  • Players can expect to play a minimum of 6 games and one consolation match time permitting for those who qualify.

Do we need to be there all day (9-5) or will we come in at our match time?

  • You will only need to be present during your allocation time. 9-12pm is beginner intermediate & 1-4pm is advanced. This depends on your ranking. After you’ve selected your ‘experience level’ from the website, our external coordinator (Andrew Ryan) will reach out to you to get a better understanding of your ranking. 
  • I would recommend you bring your own partner, but we can provide partners of the same/similar level.

Will we be playing against our own skill level?

  • You will be playing against your own skill level as best determined by the self-reporting skill level participants gave when they registered.