Your Gift Will Impact the Lives of Our Warriors!


No donation is too small, and every dollar will help us serve those who served us.

Without donations from supporters like you, our mission is impossible. Thank you for supporting veterans and first responders critically injured in the line of duty.


Provide a Custom Wheelchair $12,000

The average cost of a custom wheelchair - from evaluation to design to delivery - is $12,000. Prices range from $5,000 - $75,000 depending on the recipient's needs. Commit to changing the lives of a warrior and their family by providing an enhanced mobility solution that will help them re-engage with all their favorite activities!

Adaptive Sports Chair $7500

The cost for an adaptive sports chair ranges from $7,500-$32,000. Commit to providing an adaptive sports chair, or a zippy ultra-light titanium wheelchair for one of our recipients! VA studies have shown that competitive sports and recreational activities improve quality of life and health and wellness outcomes.

Professional Mobility Clinic $2400

You can help sponsor a comprehensive seating clinic with our expert anywhere in the country for a veteran or first responder in need. This is where the custom-build of their wheelchair starts!

Offset the Cost of Airline Travel $600

We travel to the warrior, wherever they are in the USA, when we get the call, we answer the call. And it ain't cheap. This is a big expense for our organization.

Please share our mission with your friends and family and help us serve those who served us!


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