Touch the Life of a Warrior in Need!


You Can Make a Tangible Difference!

Every single day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s 22 suicides a day, a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as that number is, the real number may actually be higher. What we've learned from our recipients, is that immobility leads to isolation, and isolation erodes mental health, with too many becoming one of the 22.

Wheelchairs for Warriors remains determined to provide custom-designed, individually fit, complex rehab mobility solutions to ensure injured veterans can rejoin their lives at the highest level of INDEPENDENT mobility and function possible...with the ability to ROLL STRONG.

Your $22 donation every month will help tremendously to alleviate some of the obstacles standing in the way of our veterans who sacrificed so much for us.

Watch Jacob's story in his own words, he was the inspiration for our Touch-22 Program:


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