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White Stork provides both Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) and field medic backpacks to Ukraine. We have delivered over 24,000 IFAKs to our Ukrainian partners. This represents over 5% of the IFAKs requested by the Ukrainian military at the beginning of the war. First aid kits contain tools to stop traumatic bleeding and restore the airway like tourniquets, emergency bandages, chest seals, nasopharyngeal airway and combat gauze.

$1,000 provides a field medic backpack
$100 provides an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

IS MY DONATION TAX-EXEMPT? Yes, donations to White Stork - United States, Ltd, tax ID 88-2304016, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, are tax exempt.

HOW ELSE MAY I GIVE? You may contact our team at info(at) for other ways to give. Checks may be mailed to the address below.


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