Since 2005, Dfree Global Foundation, Inc. has provided biblically-based, lifestyle-focused financial empowerment for African Americans via content, programming, online tools, and live events. To date, we have:

  • Transformed the lives of more than 100,000 people;
  • Served 4,000+ churches/organizations from across the country;- Helped 10,000 people to pay down more than $24M in debt;
  • Awarded more than $20,000 in debt paydown prizes and scholarships; and,
  • Provided dfree® resources to people in Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, and South Africa.

And we’ve done all of that for FREE, thanks to a few corporate partners and a single philanthropic donor. For that, we are thankful.
Your tax-deductible donation to the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement provides materials and training to individuals in need who have chosen to become participatory citizens by better managing their finances. Donations also help grow the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement to ensure that anyone who needs this transformational, lifestyle experience will receive it.
Thank you for contributing to an effort that helps people break the chains of financial slavery, live debt-free, and create positive legacies for their children and others.


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