Giving Form V2

🤔Should I use Form V1 or Form V2?

In 95% of situations, we suggest using Form V2. Form V1 embeds directly into your website code and therefore allows for more custom configurations—although development knowledge is required to implement these configurations. Form V2 is delivered through an iFrame, provides a better user experience, and allows for more native Funraise features, like Apple Pay or Tickets.

✏️Good to know

The Form Ids and script links here are for demo purposes only. Be sure to copy the form code directly from your platform and then configure it using the tips below.

Embed a Form on your website

How to access your form embed codechevron_right
Single Form

If you're only embedding a single form on a single page, you can copy and paste the entire embed code into an HTML block in the body of your webpage.

Multiple Forms

If you're embedding multiple forms on a single page or across your website, you'll need to separate parts of the embed script and place them in the appropriate places.

How to do this with Squarespace

Launch the form with custom buttons

By default, the Form V2 is launched with a custom HTML button; edit the styles of the default button inline or with your own classes. Place as many buttons as desired in your page body. You can also target a form with your own custom button element by adding your form ID to your button with data-formId="XXX".

Prefill an amount with your custom button

Launch the Form with a custom amount by adding data-amount="" to your button element.


By default, your Form uses your platform currency. You can override your default or add multiple currencies, then configure the ask buttons for each currency.

Coming Soon

Our goal is to add more customizations through the platform editor. As more dynamic edits are available for the Donation Form V2, we'll post them here. Stay tuned 🙌

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