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Funraise is a collection of nonprofit people who've decided to use our skills to promote charitable endeavors everywhere. We are the world, we are the children, and we're passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their goals.

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Made with love from Long Beach, CA

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We're a bunch of chill SoCal folks who love dogs, beaches, and coffee... with a side order of world change. Always on the lookout for people just like you who want to be a part of something big and wonderful.

Team Funraise

We come from different backgrounds, but are united in our love for nonprofits and pizza.

Funraise K9 Unit

Addie Sasso

Senior Culture Compawnion

Addie Sassoclose

Senior Culture Compawnion

No one knows where Addie came from. She appeared from the Florida swamp mists one day and made her way to California aboard a boxcar with a hobo named Patches. Once she made it to the Pacific Ocean, Addie vowed she'd never leave. These days, Addie's an ol' gal who runs on tummy rubs and booty scratches.

Emmy Lou Flack

Official Funraise Welcome Waggin

Emmy Lou Flackclose

Official Funraise Welcome Waggin

Watch out when you open the door to Funraise HQ, Emmy Lou's already on her way to give you a kiss hello! With her curly coat and happy smile, Emmy is a favorite here in the office. She's also superbly trained and will work for biscuits.

Lucy 'Lumpy' Hobson

Beauty Sleep Consultant

Lucy 'Lumpy' Hobsonclose

Beauty Sleep Consultant

As Funraise's resident Beauty Sleep Consultant, Lumpy puts in some hardcore research—up to 10 hours in any given 9-5 workday. When she's not getting her beauty sleep, Lumpy likes waking up, galloping with the wind in her ears, and being one of Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California's official beauty queens.

Olive/Olivier Charapata

One Dog to Rule Them All

Olive/Olivier Charapataclose

One Dog to Rule Them All

Although Olive looks like they were struck by lightning, this is really a cunning pup. So manipulative, so pathetic—Olivier's eyes'll have you hypnotized before you know it. Get ready, this dog'll have you eating out of their paw instead of the other way around.

Poggers Majkrzak

Chief Snack Sniffer

Poggers Majkrzakclose

Chief Snack Sniffer

Poggers is more loyal than a lobster, cuter than that Hello kitten, and better dressed than most of us here at Funraise. He keeps HQ clean and tidy, since nothing keeps him from delicious lunch leftovers!

Scout de los Reyes

Sales Development Overlass

Scout de los Reyesclose

Sales Development Overlass

What sass! What a lass. Scout is the lass and master of our SDR team, and let us tell you, she doesn't take any sass from anyone. When it comes to developing sales leads, Scout is a ruthless taskmaster. When it comes to tennis balls, she'll tell you what's up. And when it comes to playing? You've never experienced such hardcore fun.

Babs 'Bat-Girl' Kuk

Full Bark Pupgineer!

Babs 'Bat-Girl' Kukclose

Full Bark Pupgineer!

Babs is an International Pup of Mystery that came in like the wind and blew our hearts away with her confident s(wag) and sweet dribble. Rumor has it she traveled the globe with a top secret crimefighting agency before finding refuge at Funraise. Nowadays, Babs spends her days protecting her humans from suspicious bicycles and shady clouds on coastal mountain hikes.

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