Nonprofit Online Event Ticketing Software & Registration Platform

Sell tickets, manage registrations, and collect donations at your event. Your all-in-one online event ticketing software solution for nonprofits has arrived.

The whole package: an end-to-end nonprofit online event ticketing system and donor CRM.

Your donors manage so much of their lives with apps, why not their donations?


of donations are made on a mobile device
Source: XYZ


of people you know have a mobile device
Source: XYZ

The whole package: an end-to-end nonprofit online event ticketing system and donor CRM.

Sell event tickets online

Create event tickets online and sell them directly on your website. Customize and manage tickets, including event details, quantity, cost, and even tax-deductible amounts per ticket. Add online nonprofit event registration software directly on your website.

Ticketing form with General Admission option standing out.
Registration report within Funraise's Events and Ticketing section

Event registration software for nonprofits

See who’s buying tickets and easily manage guest preferences so you can keep tabs on when tickets are purchased, by whom, and monitor your guests' requests all in one place with our event software for nonprofits.

Custom questions

Get meal counts and shirt sizes right the first time. Create custom questions, filter and edit the answers, and then export results to share with your event vendors using Funraise's easy event management software for nonprofits.

Three custom questions stacked on one another: Meal type, T Shirt Size, Door Gift Preference
Hand holding a smartphone scanning a QR code entry into a Winter Gala

Event check-in

Streamline guest check-in with ticket QR scanning. With the Funraise App, your check-in team can scan a guest’s ticket whether it’s been printed as a physical ticket or presented on a mobile device.

A successful event is all about the details.

Ticket Receipt Emails
Your guests will automatically receive their tickets in an email confirmation from our event ticketing platform fully branded to your organization.
Tax-deductible Ticket Costs
Customize the tax-deductible portion of each ticket amount to account for your costs.
Optional Donations
Never miss a donation moment! Add optional donation opportunities as your guests buy their event tickets online.
Use Funraise App
Collect donations at your charity event with Funraise donation app, sync with Funraise in realtime, and celebrate with your guests as you hit your fundraising goal.
Add Tickets to Donation Forms
With Funraise's customizable online event ticket system for nonprofits, tickets can be added to your donation forms for personalized ticket sale strategy.
Ticket Costs & Quantity
Set up tickets at tiered price points and limit quantities, accounting for details both big and small, all within our nonprofit event management software.