Donor Management

Say yes to intuitive donor management tools built to nurture and track supporter relationships.

Your donors manage so much of their lives with apps, why not their donations?


of donations are made on a mobile device
Source: XYZ


of people you know have a mobile device
Source: XYZ
Rich Supporter Data

All your data, in one place

Easily access, edit, and manage comprehensive donor data in an easy-to-use, nonprofit-centric CRM. Organize your donor database, including giving history, subscriptions, demographic and household info, and so much more.

Screenshot of a supporter profile within Funraise's CRM and a list of features in the Funraise's Donor CRM
Screenshot of a table within Funraise showing a list of donor segments.
Custom Segmentation

Dynamite dynamic custom supporter segments

Filter and save dynamic lists of supporters based on donation history, demographic data, tags, contact information, and track your custom segments' donation activity.

Household management

Connect families or groups to see collective impact

Manage families or groups of supporters and export your physical mailing lists with connected supporter and donation data.

Screenshot of Funraise's Supporter management screen.
Screengrabs of donor interaction tracking within Funraise.
Interaction tracking

Document donor relationship touch-points

Keep track of all your supporter communications in one delightful place. Log and track interactions directly on supporter profiles within the donor CRM.

Donor Portfolios

Because fundraising is personal

Develop personal relationships and boost donor retention by assigning staff members their own supporter portfolio. Automate donation tasks based on donor behavior.

Screengrabs of donor interaction tracking within Funraise.
Donor Portal App

Presenting... Giving by Funraise

Giving by Funraise, our friendly donor-facing app, gives your donors access to their donation information on their schedule. Through Funraise's donor portal mobile application, donors can view historic transaction receipts and donation summaries.

Donor Management, Simplified.

Migrate your data
Migrate your historic donor database into our seamless nonprofit donor management software.
Track Relationships
Track family, employment, and scholastic relationships between supporters.
Create supporter records to manage your corporate, government, or religious institution supporters.
Upload and attach important documentation for quick reference or record storage.
Keep Notes
Add tips, reminders, and general notes to a supporter and highlight the important stuff.
Soft Credits
Assign soft credits to donations and track total amounts of your board or supporter networks.
Social Screening
Enhance donor records with social data pulled from social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Wealth Screening
Access your donors' publicly-available giving capacity and wealth data in-platform.
Supporter Tags
Add tags to supporters to create targeted segments and manage custom groups.