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Funraise is activating Fundraising Websites & Peer-to-Peer Pages for nonprofits on our free plan—just in time for giving season.


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Effective Platform Transaction Fee
Funraise's Donors Cover Fees model guarantees an effective Platform Transaction Fee rate of 0%.
Funraise only charges a Platform Transaction Fee if the donor opts in to cover fees. If the donor opts out of covering fees, Funraise does not charge a fee.
The payment processors you choose to connect with Funraise—usually Stripe or PayPal—assess their fees separately.

Frequently Asked

Is there a Donors Cover Fees option?
Yes! Donors can opt in to cover fees. When donors cover fees, the additional amount covers both the Funraise Platform Transaction Fee and your estimated external gateway processing fees. With Funraise’s Donors Cover Fees model, you always receive the donor’s intended donation amount for qualified transactions. Learn more about Donors Cover Fees.
What is the platform fee?
This is the fee Funraise charges for online payments. Funraise’s fee is in addition to your payment processor’s fees. Funraise does not process payments, but rather enables you to centralize your own payment gateways and donation methods into a unified nonprofit fundraising platform. A common payment gateway setup includes Stripe and PayPal. Both of these payment processors offer nonprofit rates of 2.2% +30¢.
Can I migrate my data?
Yes. Paid plans have access to our import tool. You'll be able to import donors and donations into Funraise from your previous platform.
Free plans do not have access to the import tool.
Can I migrate my recurring subscriptions?
Yes. Paid plans, in most cases, can migrate recurring donation subscriptions to Funraise. This is dependent on your current gateway; contact us to see if we can migrate your subscriptions.
Free plans do not have access to subscription migration services.
Can I connect my own payment gateway?
Yes. You can connect your own payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal,, and many, many more. Contact us to see if your gateway is supported.
Free plans are limited to Stripe and PayPal.
How flexible are these plans?
We’re on your side, which means we’re here to help your organization succeed. If a feature you need isn’t included in your ideal plan, let’s talk.
Free plans are standard and cannot be customized.
Can I use Funraise around the world?
Yes. Paid plans include access to international payment options. As all countries are different, we suggest that you contact us to learn more about global fundraising solutions.
Free plans are limited to organizations based in the United States.
Is Funraise only for nonprofit organizations?
Yes. Your organization must be registered as a nonprofit or NGO. Organizations around the globe can use Funraise, but a national organization identification number is required. As with most things in life, there are exceptions; contact us with questions.
Is Funraise for all nonprofit organizations?
Yes; however, Funraise does not work with organizations that promote hate or discrimination of any kind. We use the Southern Poverty Law Center’s extremist groups list as a guide, then as a team, we make our own informed decisions. We have refused service to organizations that are not aligned with a safe, equitable, and free future for all, and we will continue to do so.
What does onboarding and account setup look like?
Paid plans include an account setup and onboarding session with a real-live Funraise expert. Organizations on Movement or Enterprise plans have direct access to their Success Manager and Technical Engineer during your onboarding and beyond.
Free plans do not include onboarding sessions or direct access to a Success Manager.
Are there setup fees?

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