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The Minimalist Guide to Year-End Fundraising

The Minimalist Guide to Year-End Giving
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Delight in the joy of fundraising minimalism with this no-frills guide to year-end fundraising.

Funraise's Minimalist Guide to Year-End Fundraising was created to help nonprofit fundraisers looking for a no-fuss way to bring in donations without working overtime.

This super simple guide helps fundraisers create impactful year-end appeals and includes:
  • Purpose and impact statement worksheet to create a more meaningful campaign
  • Messaging structure template to help you craft an effective 3-email fundraising appeal
  • Email sending schedule connecting you with donors at prime giving times
  • Tips on segmenting and automating your emails so you can write-it, set-it, forget-it

Year-end can be an overwhelming time for nonprofits; here's the path of least resistance (but most donations.)

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