Best Holiday Gift Ideas That Support Nonprofits

December 5, 2016
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In 2017, Americans gave a whopping $410 billion to charities. Giving back to charity is something you can do at any time of the year. However, it can be especially thoughtful when you get someone a gift that benefits nonprofits during the holidays. 

The recipient of your gift will appreciate that you made the conscious decision to purchase something that was ethical, created using fair practices, and something that supports a good cause. Today, there is a plethora of gifts that fall into this category. With a small portion of the proceeds of every sale of certain products going to nonprofits, this is a way to show others you vote with your dollar and provide wonderful gifts while doing so.

This holiday gift guide will show you donation gift ideas that will benefit nonprofits. This holiday season, think about buying gifts that will give back and help those less fortunate or help the environment. 

Modo Sunglasses

If you are looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses to gift someone, Modo has the pair for you. Besides looking amazing, the company that makes these participates in a special program helping children. It is called the "Buy a Frame – Help a Child See" program. This is a program that helps provide early school vision screenings, secondary exams, treatment, and education for children in need. Helping children less fortunate has always been a worthwhile cause to support.

One Hope Sparkling Wine

A nice bottle of sparkling wine is always well-received at a holiday party. When you attend an event hosted by friends or family, give the host a bottle of sparkling wine from One Hope. This company will give back to charity, as it has done in a big way. This is a company that has donated over $3 million to several causes. They have done charitable acts, such as providing nearly 50,000 people with global health care.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee

A great way to support nonprofits helping animals is by buying a bag of Grounds and Hounds coffee. This delicious coffee is also fair trade and organic. The giving aspect of this specialty coffee comes in the form of handing over 20% of the company's proceeds to help support animal rescue initiatives and organizations. These provide a second chance at life for dogs in need.

Satya Jewelry

Give a dazzling pair of earrings to someone this holiday season made by Satya. Besides earrings, this company features a range of jewelry, such as beaded bracelets, tassel necklaces, and gold pendants. Whenever someone buys jewelry from Satya, they are ensuring a percentage of the proceeds go directly to the Satya Foundation. This is an organization that raises money to create more opportunities for children in need around the globe. One of the projects is Ashrams for Autism, which helps the autism community through yoga. Another is Ramana's Garden, which is a home and school for at-risk youth in India.

Sevenly Outfitters Clothing

Giving clothes during the holidays is a tradition celebrated by perhaps everyone. Get someone a cozy sweatshirt with positive and empowering statements from Sevenly Outfitters. This company creates clothing and accessories that give back to nonprofits such as Sit With Us. Using an app, someone can have a conversation in a school to stop bullying. Besides this, Sevenly Outfitters also supports causes helping make a difference with autism, cancer, the environment, and even more.

Love Your Melon Beanies

When the weather outside is frightful, it helps to have a warm and cozy knitted hat. Love Your Melon is a company that is on a mission to provide a knitted beanie to every single child in the United States that is currently dealing with cancer. As of now, the company has given out over 150,000 hats to children all over the country. Beyond this, Love Your Melon also donates half of all their profits to charities working on bringing an end to cancer in children. They have given nearly $5 million to this cause.

LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves music. Better yet, everyone loves taking their music with them and listening to it on a great-sounding speaker. LSTN has a portable Bluetooth speaker that is wireless, compact, and stylish. When you get this speaker, you are ensuring that some of the proceeds go towards giving people hearing aids all over the world. These hearing aids are distributed through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

LUSH Charity Pot

One of the less desirable aspects of winter is the effect of the low humidity and piercing cold on our skin. Thankfully, LUSH Charity Pot has a body cream that will keep your skin smooth and soft. The ingredients this cream is made of are sourced from the projects managed by the Sustainable Lush Fund. This is an initiative that supports regenerative agriculture around the world. An incredible 100% of the proceeds are donated to small grassroots organizations. These organizations are working in the areas of environmental conversation, animal welfare, and human rights.

YOOBI Planner

This is a small gift that makes a big impact. YOOBI has some great school supplies, including a planner, to give to someone that is currently going to school. When you purchase anything from YOOBI, you are helping even more children than those you gift these supplies to. Thanks to a partnership with the Kids in Need Foundation, classroom packs are given out to schools in high-need areas all over the United States.

Be a Conscious Consumer

With nearly one in three people around the world donating to charity, you can also be a part of the giving spirit for those in need. This holiday season, consider buying gifts that benefit nonprofits. When you buy gifts that gift back to helpful causes and charities, you show others that you care. Your conscious purchasing will make an even greater positive impact beyond the smiles on the faces of people receiving gifts from you.

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