Luminate CRM is no more—It's the perfect moment to switch to Funraise.

May 14, 2021
5 minutes

Luminate CRM customers have already heard the news: Luminate CRM will no longer be supported by Blackbaud starting June 2022. Which means Luminate CRM users have a big decision to make: do you stay with Blackbaud? Do you move your CRM to Salesforce?

Maybe you do something better for your fundraising, like get Funraise.

Why move to Funraise?

Making the switch from Luminate CRM to something else is bound to be a pain—a frustrating, difficult change that you didn't ask for. But since this change is inevitable, you might as well improve in the process, right? Funraise is here to guide you through the tough stuff and celebrate those improvements, so talk to us! Oh, and if we're not the right fit for your nonprofit, we'll point you in the right direction.

Here are a few reasons to help you make the change.

Funraise lets you have it all.

To state the obvious, if you decide to go with Salesforce or Raiser's Edge NXT, you can still have your awesome fundraising tools cake and eat it, too, because Funraise integrates with both Salesforce and Raiser's Edge NXT using the most connected, streamlined integrations in the industry.

Funraise's support is The Best.

When award-winning nonprofit-knowledgable customer support marries been-there, determined-to-get-it-right technical support, you get Funraise's highly-recognized Customer Success team. And, as a Funraise customer, that team will have your nonprofit's best interests at heart.

Funraise is secure.

Nonprofits come to Funraise searching for the highest level of security for their donors' sensitive information. And while no technology is invincible, seeing Blackbaud's 2020 security breach reminded us of the peace of mind that PCI Compliance and a transparent, timely response brings to the nonprofits we value so highly.

Funraise allows you to innovate.

If you're like many nonprofits, you have a set of fundraising tactics that work for you, and while there are times that you consider trying something new, it's rare for you to break out of the routine you've established.

Funraise can help your nonprofit identify fundraising strategies that your nonprofit may be missing out on. Stuff that will really resonate with your supporters and bring in new donors. Ideas that will supplement and complement your current strategies, making them more successful.

It's the perfect moment to make the leap to Funraise, a platform that's waiting to celebrate you and increase your impact.  

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