Power up P2P with Giving Day gains

December 6, 2020
7 minutes

You don't have to be an advanced nonprofit fundraiser to see the value in using different campaign types to maximize your nonprofit's donation draw—you just need to be smart enough to figure out the best types of campaigns to put together and see the most efficient way to go about it. And you are. Smart enough, we mean.

We happen to think that peer-to-peer fundraising and giving days are a match made in fundraising heaven, so we've brought you some combined campaign questions you might ask if we were having coffee together, as well as our casual coffee comments.

Takeaways at the bottom of the page in case you don't have time for a cuppa.

First off, how do you see peer-to-peer and giving days working in conjunction with one another?

Well, both giving days and peer-to-peer campaigns bring in new donors. By utilizing both types of campaigns in a dual fundraiser, you give your donors and fundraisers multiple ways to engage with your organization. Not only that, but the ability to stretch a specific campaign message or program need across your dual campaign channels can broaden your audience—and the ways you celebrate milestones and donors.

Timing-wise, they dovetail nicely: ramping up a giving day campaign with a peer-to-peer campaign allows for a longer runway for donors to join in while giving them a concrete finish line.

What are concrete peer-to-peer tactics nonprofits can use to move the needle on giving days and vice versa?

Oooooh, let us count the ways:

  • Launch a peer-to-peer campaign ahead of your upcoming giving day campaign to increase your giving day’s visibility.
  • Lean on peer-to-peer fundraisers’ ability to highlight your overall campaign message, especially if your fundraisers have a personal stake in the nonprofit’s impact.
  • Plan a related activity on your giving day to act as a celebration for your peer-to-peer fundraisers. Activities that have an element of competition or incorporate a transactional component can further compel donors to give.
  • Use your peer-to-peer fundraisers to motivate donors. As your giving day approaches, celebrate your fundraisers’ progress publicly as a way to boost the signal and also encourage increased engagement.
  • Matching grants for your giving day campaign can come from your fundraisers themselves. Ask your peer-to-peer fundraisers to match a specific amount of their donations that come in on the giving day itself.

Are there any pitfalls to avoid or cautionary tales to keep in mind when combining two types of fundraisers?

Oh, heck yes. But a lot of giving day pitfalls are easily avoidable... if you know what to look for.

Pitfall #1: Discordant messaging is the pits. Making sure that your message is consistent across both campaigns and all of your engagement channels is imperative. You want supporters to get engaged in both your peer-to-peer and giving day campaigns, and every touchpoint should reinforce your core message.

Pitfall #2: Steer away from ending your peer-to-peer campaign too soon. Ideally, the peer-to-peer campaign should funnel donors to your giving day, but if you lose steam before the giving day, you’ll lose all those supporters. Additionally, have follow-up communications in place that allow for stragglers and celebrate your peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Pitfall #3: Losing sight of your peer-to-peer fundraisers as you approach your giving day is a huge no-no! They should be lifted up and celebrated throughout the dual fundraiser.

For nonprofits that haven’t dug deep into digital fundraising or social fundraising, what’s the best way to get started? Why go digital?

Obviously, you can get started quickly with a no-pressure, no-cost Funraise Free account for giving day essentials. And social fundraisers like the ones offered by Facebook are a great way to expand your own social audience and test out low-stress, high-success techniques like peer-to-peer.

TL;DR takeaways, in case everything has just taken it out of you and you can't. even.

  • Fundraising campaigns can benefit from bringing together different types of fundraisers. Peer-to-peer and giving days are both ways to succeed in fundraising. When you put them together, you get big success (and big $$$.)
  • Timing is key when launching fundraising campaigns, and different types of fundraisers work better on different timelines. Giving days benefit from a ramped runway and peak; the prolonged engagement of peer-to-peer facilitates that need nicely and makes happy use of a giving day's concrete end date.
  • Consistency is key in any fundraising campaign messaging, especially multi-channel campaigns.
  • Tapping into a dual fundraising campaign offers more ways to celebrate your supporters.
  • There is technology out there that can help your organization without overburdening your budget, like Funraise Free.
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