Why You Should Customize Your Campaign Sites and Donation Pages ASAP

February 20, 2021
4 minutes

Ready for an easy way to improve your fundraising campaign’s conversion rate?

Try customizing your campaign site and donation pages ASAP.  So often when nonprofits run digital fundraising campaigns, donors get sent to the typical donate page they would land on if they clicked the “donate now” button. Here’s the problem—your typical donate page may not reflect the messaging or design of the campaign you’re running. That lack of congruency from a social media post or an email appeal can work against your success.

Customizing your campaign sites and donations pages isn’t just about better conversion rates and raising more money but let’s be honest, that’s pretty sweet. By customizing these campaign assets you're creating a more elegant and memorable donor experience. In the digital age, that's key!

Let’s talk about some other important reasons why your nonprofit needs to customize your campaign sites and donations pages ASAP.

Conversion Rates FTW

The conversion rate of your campaign site or donation page is a huge marker of success for a campaign. Not familiar with the term conversion rate? This is just a fancy way of describing the number of page viewers you convert into donors.

According to the M+R Benchmark Study, the sector average conversion rate for donation pages is 22%. How does your nonprofit stack up against that?

Consider the ability to customize your donation page and campaign site your first step towards testing page elements that can increase conversions and lead to many more donations. The easier it is to make changes to your donation page, the more possibilities there will be for testing and the less headaches you’ll have :)

A Buffet-style Ask Array

How easy is it to customize the ask array on your donation page? (And what is an "ask array" anyway?) Is it just a few clicks of a mouse? We hope so! It should be possible and easy to change the ask array on your donation page. Why is this so important? Because testing different ask arrays gives you the ability to increase your average gift size, and that means more money for your world-changing work.

In addition to testing ask arrays, you can also test things like:

  • Incentives for certain giving levels
  • Text on a giving level like “$125 will fund 1 hour of counseling for a child”
  • The order in which you present the donation amounts

Insights for Future Campaigns

You’re already one smart cookie of a fundraiser. Get ready to kick your knowledge up a notch! With every campaign you run, you have the opportunity to harvest insights to make future campaigns an even bigger success. When you have great tools in place that allow you to do lots of testing and learning during a campaign, you’re primed to have even more insights up your sleeve.

Pro-Tip: Set up a document on your desktop where you regularly record what worked and what didn’t work. Not only will this help you remember key insights, it will save you from repeating what bombed.

Customizing your campaign sites and donation pages doesn’t have to cost a small fortune or take you weeks to do. Funraise has got you covered with Campaign Sites and the industry-leading Campaign Site Editor. Get ready to create your nonprofit's gorgeous site in less time than you thought possible.

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